Excellence in quality assurance

Quality is the guarantee of credibility,as Compact forklift global supplier. SINOLIFT to believe firmly and atrictly implement.Therefore,SINOLIFT focus on advanced technology product development,make the products more intelligent,more safety and improve the work efficiency... Read more >>


The development process,SINOLIFT independent research and energy-saving and environmental-friendly products, environmental protection, and strictly perform their obligations on environmental protection concept with production and sales in China. Realize the optimization and upgrading of environmental... Read more >>


The customization of nonstandard special products is welcomed by SINOLIFT and the information system makes an active and accurate response so as to ensure the quality of products and the overall follow-up service... Read more >>


SINOLIFT has been committed to advanced technology and excellent product quality. But we think,this is not sufficient to allow customers to have a product is the best use of time.Our maintenance engineers to solve this problem,they rapidly throughout the region,for you to lift any menace from the "rear"... Read more >>


SINOLIFT aims to provide all-round spares parts to satisfy customers needs.

SINOLIFT headquarters has an advanced spare parts center of over 30, 000 kinds of common parts. There are professionals designated to be responsible for ERP & SAP system management. Now all the dealers are able to check the inventory of each spare parts center, assuring delivery in the shortest possible time.

North American Center (LA, US)
South American Center (Sao Paulo, Brazil)
European Center (Neuss, Germany)
Asian Center (Dubai, UAE)

Moreover, there are emergency parts centers in Indonesia, Russia, Vietnam and Egypt. Strong parts service system ensures that customers can easily find whatever parts they need. Besides, ERP & SAP system realize convenient online order services.

Warranty period:
Warranty of parts is limited to SINOLIFT products. Please find detailed information in Warranty Period of each model. The warranty period starts from the day the part is delivered from SINOLIFT.

If the parts are damaged during transportation, please do as follows to receive immediate attention: contact us in time; fill the claim; provide photos showing the damages. Any claim incompliant with the procedure will not be accepted, including but not limited to:

1) returning the damaged parts without permit of SINOLIFT
2) specific parts must be returned for replacement, including E-control, motor, charger, meter;
3) corresponding price will be charged if.
4) damages caused by improper operation.

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