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What are the characteristics of oil drum lifter
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What are the characteristics of oil drum lifter?

The oil lfter can play a lighter and faster role when handling goods in the warehouse. Based on its light equipment and small floor area, the oil lifter can work faster and more conveniently.

It has as following feature:
1. Capable of handling standard 55 gallon open and closed steel drums and pouring out the liquid inside.
2. The unique one is used on the base; Parrot beak; Gripper mechanism to clamp.
3. The collet can be adjusted quickly according to the size of the barrel, and it is easy to clamp and handle.
4. Special clamping device is adopted, which will not loosen in the handling of barrels and has high safety.
Advantages of oil drum truck:
1. It has a wide range of uses and can't be moved without barrels: whether it's a barrel of any material: iron sheet barrel, fiberboard barrel, closed barrel, open barrel, or reinforced wall 

thickness barrel No matter any barreled materials: liquid materials such as water and lubricating oil tankers, solid materials such as chemical raw materials and plastic particles can be handled
2. One barrel dual purpose: it integrates the two functions of handling and dumping oil.
3. Long service life and quick return can greatly improve operation efficiency and reduce handling costs.
4. Single barrel chuck, self-locking, safe and reliable, greatly improving the safety and reliability of barrel handling.
5. It is easy to operate, improves efficiency, and can easily grasp and handle barreled materials without training.

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