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YL420 Countbalance Full Electric Oil Drum Lifter
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1.It is applicable to the handling, lifting, loading and unloading of 55 gallon steel oil drums. We adopts the special walking control system which made by qualified electric vehicles, which has the characteristics of stable walking, portability and flexibility, and can be operated by one person.

2.Man and machine integrated multifunctional controlled handle. Traveling stepless governor, high-power reversing switch, integrated hydraulic pump station and high-power traveling driving wheel.

3.The manned pedal can reduce operation fatigue.

4.Hydraulic clamp, hydraulic turnover.


Model No. YL420
Opertation type Electrical
Driving type Stand on
Load capacity 420kg
Lifting height 2400mm
Overall size 2840X1180X1923mm
Turining radio 2150mm
Max.grade aility(unload/load) 3%/5%
Drive wheel Ø250mm¡Á80mm
Braking mode Electromagnetic
Drive motor 1.2Kw
Lifting motor 2.2kw
Noise <70db(A)
Voltage 24V/210Ah
Battery 24V/30A
rolling angle 135¡ã
Self weight 1100Kg

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