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SINOLIFT YL500A-2 500kg Capacity Drum Dumper with Electronic Scale
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1.Use good-quality hydraulic pump unit to provide strong driving force; maintenance-free battery provides durable power supply

2.Gantry made of special-rolled industrial-manufactured C-type steel which is strong and safe

3.Oil drum carrier is of simple-and-light-structure design and hoop-type structure which is fit for operating with steel oil drum and PE oil drum, easy to operate and saves effort

4.Excellent-quality oil cylinder, high lifting speed, maximum lifting height: 1600mm, 180¡ã electrical-driving rotation.

5.With electronic scale built-in; operational functions include: ZERO, TARE and weighting, of accuracy: ¡À3¡ë

6.Applicable for chemical plants and food plants for transferring, loading & unloading, charging and compounding materials of fluids, such as dyes, paintings ,adhesives, petrol and edible oils, etc.


1.Loading Capacity:500kg

2.Wheel Dimension:80*60/150*50mm

3.Inner/Outer Width of Front Leg:630/810mm

4.Outline Dimensions:1600*1050*2060mm

5.Turning Radius:1750mm

6.Pump Unit Power:1.5kw/h

7.Battery Parameter:12Ah/120V

8.Lifting Height:1600mm

9.Lifting Speed:120mm/s

10.Net weight:260Kg

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