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Advantages of Aluminum Mast Lifts to Facilitate Aerial Jobs
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The aluminum alloy lift is a kind of aerial platform which is made of high-strength aluminum alloy material. It has features of beautiful appearance, small size, light weight, flexible mobility and easy accessibility. Its light body structure allows it to perform at its best lift capacity in a very small space.

Widely used in factories, hotels, restaurants, stations, theaters, exhibition halls and other places, it is a safe and helpful partner for aerial jobs, such as machinery maintenance, paint decoration, lamp replacement, electrical appliances cleaning and maintenance and so on.

The aluminum alloy lift is a versatile man lift platform which has the following 7 advantages:

1. Lightweight structure

Aluminum mast lift is manufactured with hard aerospace-grade aluminum alloy, which is featured with light weight, easy installation and space-saving storage. One operator is enough to use and move the lift flexibly. The aluminum masts and the chassis both are lightweight that won¡¯t crush the ground surface.

2. Stable aluminum alloy lift design

No matter single mast aluminum alloy lift, double masts aluminum alloy lift or more masts versions, our skilled technical team designs and manufactures the lift with high-strength joints and components. The design of the supporting mechanism is scientific and user-friendly by taking real applications into full consideration, which also makes the overall structure safe and stable.

3. Quick and easy installation

The overall structure adopts the ¡°building block¡± system combination design; the parts are standardized, and there are no loose parts. Without any installation tools, two workers can build a 20-meter aerial work platform in a short time.

4. Aluminum alloy lifts are easy to move

Vertical mast lift is equipped with very high-strength brake casters that can be moved and locked at will, making it easy to use continuously in multiple different locations.

5. Aluminum alloy lifts are highly adaptable

The height of supporting legs can be adjusted freely, and can be based on steps, stairs and complex terrains. Polyurethane casters help to avoid damages to the ground such as marble, wooden floors and lawns. The lift offers an easy access to narrow spaces (such as elevators, doors, etc.) to conduct various aerial jobs.

6. Flexible construction combination

Aluminum alloy lifts can be specially designed and manufactured according to special work requirements of the user or the operation requirements of different terrains and environments.

7. Anti-rust with little maintenance

All parts of the lift adopt specially anti-oxidation treatment, free of rust and chemical corrosion; joints are solid shot blasting castings. Aluminum alloy aerial work platform products have a service life of more than 30 years with little maintenance.

If you are rightly looking for a portable and reliable aerial platform, aluminum alloy lift is a good choice that is worth considering. Any question about this equipment, we are ready to offer professional solutions.

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