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How does SINOLIFT do Pre-shipment Inspection of Wheelchair Lifts ?
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Pre-shipment inspection is a necessary way to avoid product defects and ensure the benefits of the customers. It is also the final step in quality control.

As a professional hydraulic lifts manufacturer, SINOLIFT pays close attention to the quality throughout the whole production. To ensure no defected products will leave the factory, SINOLIFT does a pre-shipment inspection on every lift.

Today, we conducted a site survey on how SINOLIFT does a pre-shipment inspection of wheelchair lifts. In this post, we will share some details on the inspection of 2 wheelchair lifts.

Table of Contents


Main Parts Inspection

Key Parameters Inspection

Safety Feature Inspection

Riding Experience Inspection



Before the inspection, the quality inspector showed us a production list of 2 wheelchair lifts. He told us that he will check every item on the production list and make sure the 2 wheelchair lifts are fully consistent with the production list.

The 2 wheelchair lifts to be inspected are both unenclosed vertical platform lifts. The traveling heights are 3m and 6m respectively.

The entry modes of the 3m wheelchair lift is a straight through vertical platform lift, while the 6m one is an adjacent access vertical platform lift. See the photo below.

A measuring ruler should be prepared for the measuring of the platform sizes and traveling height of the wheelchair lift.

During the inspection, all the details checked will be recorded in pictures or videos. Thus he also brought a camera.

Main Parts Inspection

Firstly, the inspectors checked the pump station, landing door, control panel, remote panel, toolbox. Since the 3m wheelchair lift is for a 2-story building, and the 6m one is for a 3-story building. So there will be 1 landing door for a 3m wheelchair lift and 2 for the 6m wheelchair lift. And we found the same.

Key Parameters Inspection

The main parameters of the wheelchair lifts are platform sizes, lifting heights.

1.      Platform sizes

In the production list, the 2 wheelchair lifts are all 1400mm*900mm.

Here are the actual sizes we measured. As we can see, the results are the same.

2.      Lifting height

Next, we measured the traveling height of the 3m and 6m wheelchair lift respectively.

See the results below.

Safety Feature Inspection

Safety and security is one of the main reasons for having a wheelchair lift, be it at a home or a business. Convenience and mobility should never come with a compromise on safety.

Thus, let¡¯s see what safety features do MORNLIFT wheelchair lifts have£º

1.      Safety sensor

The safety sensor on the bottom of the platform is installed for preventing collision during operation. When the bottom of the platform touches an obstacle during operation, the wheelchair lift will immediately stop traveling. This greatly protects people or objects who might accidentally enter the bottom area of the platform.

We tested the features of the safety sensor in the below video.

2.      Open door power failure protection

Open door power failure protection means that the wheelchair lift will not move unless the platform door is open. This is quite important because the traveling wheelchair lift is easy to slide down with the platform door open.

3.      Emergency stop button

When there is an accident, you can press the emergency stop button quickly and use manual down mode to land.

During the inspection, we have been noticed that, even as small as the emergency stop button, it is made of high-quality materials. We have been told that simply this metal emergency stop button costs a lot more than the plastics one.

4.      Auto-flap ramp

The auto-flap ramp provides safer and faster access to the wheelchair. See how it works in the below video.

Riding Experience Inspection

Apart from quality and safety, SINOLIFT also cares about the customers¡¯ experiences during using the wheelchair lifts.

So we rode on the wheelchair lifts to experience it personally. The quality inspector told us there are mainly 3 aspects we should pay attention to.

1.      Noise intensity

Too much loud noise during lift operation will cause people upset. This is mostly involved with the pump station. Since the lifting power of the hydraulic lifting platform comes from the motor pump station, when the motor is in operation, it will make noise due to significant pressure.

Common motors use a universal power supply. SINOLIFT adopts a noise-free motor with a quality power supply to give customers a better experience. It has an automatic voltage regulator to ensure stability, high reliability and fast speed of the hydraulic lifts.

Besides the motor, another reason that may cause the instability of the wheelchair lifts is the loose assembly. Be sure to fix every part firmly during installation so that it does not shake.

2.      Traveling stability

A stable wheelchair lift will not shake suddenly when starting or landing. Usually, there is a buffer used to slow down the speed and improve safety and comfort.

For the 2 wheelchairs inspected this time, no sudden shake happens.

3.      Surface treatment effect

There are mainly two surface treatment options: paint spraying and powder coating.

Powder coating is based on the principle of electrostatic adsorption. The plastic powder is adsorbed on the surface of the work piece and then heated, then it melts and is firmly adhered to the surface of the work piece.

The advantages of powder coating are abrasion resistance, water resistance, corrosion resistance and durable as well as environment-friendly. While paint spaying is more economical and faster in treatment.

Either paint spraying or powder coating is adopted. The surface smoothness is of great importance. It directly affects the users¡¯ visual experience.


After inspection, both wheelchair lifts meet the requirements of delivery regarding riding experience, safety tests, and parts consistency.

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