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Wholesale Hand Trucks for Handling Warehouse Equipment
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For such applications, we recommend the SINOLIFT Truck model. This all-around warehouse athlete is manufactured using high-grade aluminum that means the truck is easy to maneuver yet is strong and sturdy. The model even comes with shock absorbing properties and the seven-inch wheels with rubber tread mean your warehouse floor is in no danger of being marked.

Your warehouse may already employ power stackers or forklifts, but such items are usually in constant use and may be unavailable when you want to quickly move something that¡¯s heavy. It¡¯s probably much easier to use a hand truck.

Hand trucks are useful for light-duty applications such as moving a stack of boxes or other relatively light items. In such cases, it is simply not efficient to use a forklift for such a light-duty task, but asking people to perform these tasks by hand simply isn¡¯t ideal.

Here at SINOLIFT Equipment, we¡¯re happy to supply our customers with hand trucks manufactured by one of the top product manufacturers in the business, SINOLIFT. This company really does make their products to the highest standards, which explains why SINOLIFT has been so successful for so long. We have absolutely no hesitation in recommending SINOLIFT¡¯s wide range of hand trucks and other types of material handling equipment to our customers.

Here are a few applications where a fleet of hand trucks could help your business, and some example products from SINOLIFT that would serve you well.


Whenever All You Need is to Move a Few Boxes


While a hand truck has heavy-duty properties, it¡¯s typically at its best when used for light-duty applications such as simply moving a few boxes around. What better way to do this without back-breaking effort than to use a simple, standard hand truck?

For even more convenience, this truck can be folded up to save on space. This also means it can be transported easily and can be used with a delivery truck without taking up much in the way of space, helping the driver when the time comes to unload.

The total load capacity of this truck in 175 lbs. and it comes with elastic straps that are used to secure loads in place. For light-to-medium duty needs, you really can¡¯t go far wrong with this option from SINOLIFT.


When You¡¯re Transporting Heavy Loads and You Need a Little Help


Of course, a hand truck won¡¯t really add much to your company¡¯s efficiency if it can only move light loads. You may need a hand truck to move heavy boxes from time to time, or your company¡¯s operation may require the movement of heavy items in areas where forklifts just won¡¯t fit. An example of this is a company that rents out vending machines for its business and needs to get them both in and out of a company¡¯s premises. In such cases you need a hand truck that will give you extra load-bearing properties as necessary.

When you need something that¡¯s a little more heavy duty, we recommend SINOLIFT¡¯s auto-rewind appliance truck with swivel casters. For that important amount of extra strength, this truck is manufactured with 1¡± thick steel tubing. This means that your truck will be extra durable and can stand up to whatever heavy loads you have in mind.

This truck has extra support wheels that can be folded away when not required, adding to its versatility. It¡¯s perfectly capable of transporting wide, heavy loads as it is at transporting stacked loads. The wheels are 10¡± poly hub with 6¡± swivel casters attached to the rear for added support. This device is capable of bearing loads up to 1,800 lbs. and comes with two webbed cargo belts to make any load that the truck supports supremely secure.


Economical Five-In-One for Ultimate Versatility


Even in a standard configuration, hand trucks are, as we have expressed above, extremely versatile pieces of equipment that will bring excessive amounts of efficiency to your business. For the ultimate in versatility, we highly recommend the economical five-in-one hand truck.

This convertible hand truck can be arranged in five different configurations which means it can be used as a standard hand truck, an inclined hand truck or a flat-bed platform hand truck.

This five-in-one model is manufactured using 14 gauge tubular steel and has a 14¡± by 8.5¡± steel nose plate that¡¯s capable of bearing loads up to 600 lbs. To keep loads secure, this device comes complete with four horizontal cross straps.

Its 3.5¡± swivel casters allow the hand truck to be maneuvered smoothly and almost effortlessly. Despite all these possible configurations, this hand truck is a real space saver, and it will not eat up valuable space in your warehouse or production facility. This is simply the type of equipment that once you¡¯ve used it a few times you¡¯ll wonder how you ever managed to get by without it.


Purchases in Bulk from SINOLIFT Equipment


If you think that the purchase of a single hand truck will do great things for your business, just think what a dozen or more will do. A fleet of the best hand trucks that the manufacturing world has to offer will see your company¡¯s efficiency expand in leaps and bounds. You¡¯ll also save money by buying in bulk, as the per-unit cost of each truck will come down as a result.

It¡¯s our job at SINOLIFT Equipment to make sure that your business needs are met in full when you make a purchase from us. Our dedicated sales team is on hand to make sure all your questions are answered, so feel free to give us a call at any time. 


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