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Sinolift cooperate with Australia in Drum Handling Equipment
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Australia, called the commonwealth of Australia, is a newly industrialized country.With the gradual promotion of industry, the popularity of industrial products was promoted. On March 15, 2019, SINOLIFT successfully signed a batch order with a well-known local company in Australia. It has been successfully delivered to customers now.
After-sales staff asked if there were any unpleasant during using Sinolift product. The customer only give us few simple words, ¡° made in China, great! SINOLIFT , great!Customer service is very timely and professional.¡± Although transnational, after-sales service can also timely communication to solve.SINOLIFT, with its own charm, has gradually won respect and gained its own position in many industries in Australia.
"Avoiding impetuous, accumulating precipitation, developing gradually" is the guidelines of SINOLIFT. We always insist that we are not only selling products, but also solving customers' problems.If the standard model can not meet the needs of customers, we will provide non-standard customization according to the special needs of customers.Shanghai Sinolift Equipment Co., Ltd, your good partner in the industry!
Shanghai Sinolift Equipment Co., Ltd  belonging to Changjin Group(, is a professional manufacturer of portable drum truck , hand drum poter, drum handler,drum dumper, roller lifter and various types of cylinder and non-standard container handling equipment.At present, the company mainly produces hydraulic drum mover, drum lifting dumper, drum clamps, drum cranes, forklift drum attachment and various types of non-standard container handling equipment.We have reliable quality and thoughtful service!Products through ISO9000,CE,GS,UL and other quality system certification, product quality to the current international advanced level of similar products.The products are exported to Europe, America, Japan, the Middle East ,southeast Asia and other countries and regions.the domestic market throughout China, and has a perfect pre-sales, sales and after-sales service network.Its reliable products¡¯ quality , timely and thoughtful after-sales service has been well received by customers.
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