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SINOLIFT/LIZHOU premium CPD-F mini forklifts are ready for shipment to India Dealer.
Author: LIZHOU   Post Time: 2012-5-7   Hits: 8047 

The customer from INDIA became our authorized distributor from the year 2005, Due to the outstanding streamline outline design, superior quality and good after-sales service, ¡°LIZHOU¡± keep good relationship with the customer, and give big support to the customer to develop the Indian market. As a result, the orders are frequently repeated.

On May 3, 14 pcs SINOLIFT/LIZHOU CPD-F mini electric forklifts were ready to ship again to Indian market, We well understand That the good quality and service is the reason for the customer to place the repeat order. It is our permanent pursuit to provide quality products and supply professional service.

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