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Name:DT400 Drum Handler
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Ergonomic lifts,transport,and places poly, steel, or fiber drums on or off pallets.
A spring-load clamp securely holds any rimmed drum.
It have swivel steering wheels for easy positioning and precision roller bearing load wheels for maximum stability.
Legs adjust for different pallet, Handles 55-, 85-gallon drums.
Note: Specification and materials are subject to change without notice.
Model DT400
Capacity Kg 400
Drum size 55gallon(Ф572×900)or 80gallon(Ф800×900)
plastic or steel drum
Oil cylinder stroke mm 1070
Front wheel size(PU) mm Ф200×50
Rear wheel size(PU) mm Ф200×50
N.W Kg 100
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