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Name:Sinolift ES30 ES50 ES75 ES100 Single Scissor Electric Table Lift
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1.Full featured electric hydraulic scissor lift tables are used by all types of manufacturing and warehouse facilities.

2.Safety features include: electric toe guard to protect pinch points during lowering of the table, brass velocity fuse to maintain platform height regardless of hydraulic pressure, 24V AC push-button hand control, maintenance prop, and upper travel limit switch to stop table at maximum height reducing motor wear. 2HP, 460V, 3 phase, 60 Hz totally enclosed motor standard, other voltages available. 3000 psi hydraulic component rating.

Model ES30 ES50 ES75 ES100
Type Single Scissor Single Scissor Single Scissor Single Scissor
Load capacity kg 300Kg 500Kg 750Kg 1000Kg
Min.height mm 450mm 450mm 450mm 480mm
Max.height mm 950mm 950mm 950mm 950mm
Table dimension mm 1010X520mm 1010X520mm 1010X520mm 1010X520mm
Dia.of the wheel mm Φ125X30mm Φ150X40mm Φ150X40mm Φ150X40mm
Lifting and lowering time S 15 15 15 15
Storage Battery V/Ah 12/V54Ah 12/V54Ah 12/V54Ah 12/V54Ah
Charger input Voltage v 65 55 45 40
Net weight kg 140 148 154 16

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