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Name:ETM050 ETM100 ETM150 Walkie Electric Tugger 500-1000kg capacity Electric Pallet
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Hydraulic Drum Stacker
Forklift Drum Grabber
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Cylinder Handling Trolley
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 01 Hand Pallet Truck
 02 High Lift Scissors Pallet Truck
 03 Mechanical Pallet Truck
 04 Lithium Battery Operated Pallet Truck
 05 E Series Electric Pallet Truck
 06 Acid Battery Operated Pallet Truck
 07 Forklift Mounted Attachment
 08 Lifting Crane Equipment
 09 Jack and Skates
 10 Electric Towing Tractor
 11 Counter Balanced Forklift
 12 Electric Stacker

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1. Great Flexibility with Minimum Volume: Light Self weight of 90kg-180kg only and the application of differential mechanism make it more flexible and easier to operate.

2. Strong Traction: It can manage the towing task of 500-1500kg goods on a slope of 3 degrees.

3.Stability in Operation and Excellent passingability: the application of rubber tyre with a diameter of 250mm.

4.Easy to Charge: With the application of internal chargers, charging process can be realised where there is a socket.

5. Comfortability in Operation: The height of the tiller is adjustable.

6. CE and ISO9001 approved.

Model ETM50 ETM100 ETM150
Drive unit Battery Battery Battery
Operator type pedestrian pedestrian pedestrian
Load capacity Kg 500 1000 1500
Rated drawbar pull N 200 450 650
Wheelbase mm 315 650 345
Battery V/AH 24V/40AH 24V/70AH 24V/70AH
Charge V/AH 24V/8A 24V/10A 36V/10A
Drive motor V/AH 24V/400W 24V/800W 36V/1200W
Drive wheel mm Ø260x90mm Ø310x127mm Ø310x127mm
Rear wheel mm Ø75x32mm Ø75x32mm Ø100x32mm
Unload speed Km/h 7km/h 7km/h 7km/h
Load speed Km/h 6km/h 6km/h 6km/h
Load gradability % 5% 5% 5%
Unload gradability % 10% 10% 10%
Weight Kg 90 120 180
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