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Name:EPT16-ET EPT20-ET Electric Pallet Truck 1.6Ton 2 ton
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1.DC Power with large 1.6 or 2 ton lift capacity.

2.E-Truck Terrain 1.6t is able to traverse a slope of 10% when fully loaded (2.0t model: 8% fully loaded).

3.Large 260mm drive wheel; better able to withstand outdoor use on rough and uneven ground.

4.Solid, durable frame and all-wheel shock absorbers.

5.48V Brushless drive motor.

6.Easy to maintain.

7.Small compact design for agility and use in confined areas.

8.Ergonomic handle with control buttons positioned to allow operation with either hand.

Model EPT16-ET EPT20-ET
Drive unit Electric Electric
Rated capacity kg 1600 2000
Type Operation Pedestrian Pedestrian
Load center mm 600 600
Bearing length mm 873/976 873/976
Axle load, full load drive end/load End mm 740/1480 740/1480
Axle load, no-load drive end/Load End mm 180/40 180/40
Tyre type, drive wheel/bearing wheel PU/PU PU/PU
Tyre size, driving wheels(diameter X width) mm Φ250X74 Φ250X74
Dimension of Bearing wheel((diameter X width) mm 4XΦ78X60(2XΦ74X88) 4XΦ78X60(2XΦ74X88)
Balance Wheel Size(diameter X width) mm Φ74X48 Φ74X48
Drive wheel, balance wheel/bearing wheel quantity mm 1X2/4(1X2/2) 1X2/4(1X2/2)
Front track, drive end mm 435 435
Rear track, drive end mm 410(535) 410(535)
Lift height mm 140 140
Operating position lever lever min/max height mm 750/1170 750/1170
Fork Drop Height mm 80 80
Overall length mm 1685 1685
Overall width mm 560(685) 560(685)
Fork dimensions mm 50X150X1150 50X150X1150
Distance fork arms mm 560/685 560/685
Space between the center of the wheelbase mm 30 30
Turning radius mm 1465 1465
Travel speed,laden/unladen k/mh 4/5.5 4/5.5
Lift speed,laden/unladen m/s 0.024/0.038 0.024/0.038
Max,Gradeability,laden/unladen mm 0.034/0.025 0.034/0.025
Climbing gradient (full load / no load) % 8/16 8/16
Service bake type Electromagnetic Electromagnetic
Drive motor rating S2 60 min kw 0.75 0.75
Lifting motor power S3 15% kw 0.84 0.84
Maximum allowable size of battery mm 255X170X200 255X170X200
Battery voltage V/Ah 12X4/30 12X4/30
Battery weight kg 9.5X4 9.5X4
type of drive control DC DC
Net weight(including Battery) Kg 220 220
Steering type Mechanical Mechanical
Noice level dB(A) 74 74

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