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Application of oil drum carrier in the work
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The oil drum carrier is used for lifting, handling, rotating, tilting and draining full oil drums. 

The double protective finger lock ensures the balance of the lifted oil barrel. Lock the oil barrel vertically to avoid overflow or horizontally to prevent oil from draining from the air nozzle.

The oil barrel was invented by the Germans. Before the Second World War, the German Supreme Command formulated the strategy of blitz, but there will be a problem at the same time. Because the attack speed of the attack forces is too fast, the logistics supply can not keep up, and thousands of tanks, armored vehicles and trucks need a lot of gasoline in the battle. The German Supreme Command foresaw this problem and designed a container for gasoline (people call this kind of container oil barrel). In 1939, the German army had tens of thousands of oil barrels before invading Poland. Until now,the world still follows the German design.

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