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Name£ºSINOLIFT CTY0210 & FTD0416
Feature£ºWith unique clamp design,can clamp the rolls from the pallets or cars After manual rotation roll into a vertical direction The inner width of the bottom legs is larger than the diameter of the rolls. Come with manual pump and pressure gauge, can show the  Read more >>

Name£ºCTD-Z series Semi-electric Roll Clamp Stacker
Feature£º Use formed C steel mast, high bending strength; Wearing-resistant nylon wheel with brake, ensure no sliding after stop the machine; Wide view mast equipped with security fence, protect the operator¡¯s ha¡­  Read more >>

Name£ºYL800 Transverse Clamp Gripper Handling Trolley
Feature£ºYL800 Transverse Clamp Gripper Handling Trolley with adjustable clamping arm.  Read more >>

Name£ºZJ100 Transverse Clamp Gripper Handling Trolley
Feature£ºZJ100 Transverse Clamp Gripper Handling Trolley with high-strength wear-resistant cylinder system.  Read more >>

Name£ºCPD-Z series Full Electric Counter-balanced Clamp Stacker
Feature£ºCPD-Z Transverse Clamp Gripper Handling Trolley with unique clamp design.  Read more >>

Name£ºCDD-Z series Full Electric Roll Clamp Stacker CDD-Z
Feature£ºCDD-Z Transverse Clamp Gripper Handling Trolley with America curtis electric controller.  Read more >>

Name£ºYL420A Full Electric Hydraulic Drum Dumper
Feature£ºWith manned pedal and can be operated by one people, labor saving and high work efficiency; With step-less speed regulator, high-power reversing switch, integrated hydraulic pump stations, power walking driving wheel;   Read more >>

Name£ºYL420 Full Electric Counter Weight Drum Adopter
Feature£ºThe DRUM-HAULER makes any easy task of transporting drums in and out of trucks, or up and down ramps. Designed to butt directly up against pallets, storage cabinets and containment skids. Its large industrial battery will operate continuously for an 8-hour shift.   Read more >>
8 products
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