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Name£ºEFM3013 Electric Compact Roll Stacker
Feature£ºAn essential piece of equipment for every wide format printer Use SINOLIFT electric Lifter to avoid back injuries and to load alone media rolls to the printer effortless.  Read more >>

Name£ºPFM1513 Commpact Roll Stacker
Feature£ºThe Roll Lifter and Transporter allows a single user to move heavy rolls of paper onto the lifter and then directly to the printer feeder. This is a must have for every wide format printer. Avoid back injuries with our Media Lifter and effortlessly load i  Read more >>

Name£ºMRL0786 MRL1086 MRL1015 Roll and Reel Hydraulic Stacker
Feature£ºRugged construction Long functional life Low maintenance costs  Read more >>

Name£ºSINOLIFT ERL0786 ERL1086 ERL1015 Roll & Reel Hydraulic Stacker
Feature£º 

Name£ºSINOLIFT PFR3050L PFR4025 PFR4050 Roll & Reel Hydraulic Stacker
Feature£º 

Name£ºEFR3050L Roll & Reel Hydraulic Stacker
Feature£º 

Name£ºMCR6150 MRC6180 Roll & Reel Hydraulic Stacker
Feature£º 

Name£ºPFV4085 PFV4120 PFV4150 PFV4180 Roll & Reel Hydraulic Stacker
Feature£º¡ø Structure made of high resistance steel rolled section to ensure highest strength and durability. ¡ø Large media and heavy material rolls or reels are handled quickly and easily. ¡ø The classic hydraulic hand pump provide lifting effortlessly.  Read more >>

Name£ºPFV6120 PFV6150 Roll & Reel Hydraulic Stacker
Feature£ºRobust construction. Hard chromium plated frame. 

Name£ºSINOLIFT PFG4085(W) PFG4120(W) PFG4150(W) Roll & Reel r(1)
Feature£º 

Name£ºSINOLIFT ERS4120 ERS4150 Roll & Reel Hydraulic Stacker
Feature£º 

Name£ºPFG-WE Electric Roller Conveyor Handling Trolley
Feature£ºPFG-WE Electric Roller Conveyor Handling Trolley. 

Name£ºPFG-X Roller Conveyor Handling Trolley
Feature£ºPFG-X Roller conveyor Handling Trolley with special design combines lifting, transporting and stacking cylindrical reels.  Read more >>

Name£ºCDD1000-M700 CDD1500-M700 Roll & Reel hydraulic Stacker
Feature£ºCDD1000-M700 Full Electric Roll Handling Trolley. 

Name£ºDTF300 Semi-Electric Hydraulic Drum Dumper
Feature£ºPower lift, transport, rotate and tilt steel and plastic drums;  Read more >>
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