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Name£ºPT800B PT1000B Single Scissor Table Lift
Feature£ºValuable material handling for use as a feeding table on assembly line. Structural heavy duty steel construction.Easy action foot operated hydraulic lift for raising table top to desired level.   Read more >>

Name£ºDTW250A Portable Drum Truck
Feature£ºThe leg is widened, which is suitable for European-style pallet. Disassembly type, small packing volume.   Read more >>

Name£ºDTW250 Portable Drum Truck
Feature£ºIdeal for lifting and transporting steel drums with a top lip. Straddle leg for picking up drum from a Euro Pallet.  Read more >>

Name£ºDTR250G Portable Across Drum Truck
Feature£ºLift and move steel/ Plastic drums easily, economically with the SINOLIFT Hydraulic Drum Truck. Easily glides over the middle of a pallet to quickly grasp and handle 1-2 drums. Design of four wheels provides reliable and safe operation.   Read more >>

Name£ºDTR250L Portable Across Drum Truck
Feature£ºDesign of four wheels provides reliable and safe operation.Caster lock helps prevent accidental rolling.Ultra wide or low design can be used for various pallets.   Read more >>

Name£ºDT250A Portable Hand Drum Truck
Feature£ºNew direct-connected handle provides more convenient and labor-saving operation. Arc supporting feet and widen nozzle protect drums¡¯ surface and more suitable for 210L plastic drums.   Read more >>

Name£ºDT350B Portable Drum Truck
Feature£ºErgonomic solution for lifting, transporting and placing 55 gallon rimmed steel drums and 200L rimmed plastic drums on spill or standard pallets  Read more >>

Name£ºDT350A Portable Drum Truck
Feature£ºApplicable to the use of 30~55 gallon steel drums, 210L plastic barrels.  Read more >>

Name£ºDT300 Portable Drum Truck
Feature£ºStrengthen the design, sturdiness and durability, high bearing capacity. Easy to operate and safer.   Read more >>

Name£ºDTR250 Portable Hand Drum Truck
Feature£ºDesign of four wheels provides reliable and safe operation.Caster lock helps prevent accidental rolling.  Read more >>

Name£ºDT250 Portable Hand Drum Truck
Feature£ºAll Three wheels are PU Coated to avoid any damage to floors & rattling noise.  Read more >>

Name£ºDT300A DT300B Portable Drum Truck
Feature£º1.Straddle leg for picking up drum from a Euro Pallet. 2.Spring-loaded steel jaws securely grip the top lip of the drum. 3.Includes two rigid and one locking swivel caster.   Read more >>
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