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Name£ºPHD2200 adjustable pallet hook
Feature£ºPHD2200 adjustable pallet hook has been designed to handle palleted goods safely when being lifted by overhead crane. The PHD2200 Pallet Hook features variable body height and adjustable tine width, making this versatile attachment ideal for the transpor  Read more >>

Name£ºPHA2000 Automatic pallet hook
Feature£ºThe automatic pallet hook type PHA2000 is self-levelling for ease of operation. An internal spring mechanism ensures the lifting eye is in the correct position to keep the tines horizontal, eliminating the need to reposition the lifting ring. The Pallet Hook PHA is a kind of ¡­  Read more >>

Name£ºCY Raptor Crane Forks
Feature£ºThe boom has a built-in gas spring, which automatically lifts and adiusts the balanceaccording to different loads, which is convenient and labor-saving The use of high-quality steel plate.reinforcement and thickening load does not deform.the use of safer heavy-duty design, fla¡­  Read more >>

Name£ºCK manual adjustment of pallet crane parameters
Feature£ºAccording to the weight of the goods, adjust the position of theserrations of the lifting ring to keep the goods in balance.The CK series is manually balanced, according to the weight of the goods.adjust the position of the serration of the ring The use of high-quality steel p¡­  Read more >>

Name£ºNY2000 Crane Forks
Feature£ºCrane Fork NY2000 No slings or chains necessary. Crane operator will not need to leave cab of lorry or crane. Forks will remain horizontal when loaded and unloaded. Easily poerate by one person with safety.  Read more >>
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