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Name£ºDG1200D Double Gator Grip Heavy Duty Forklift Mounted Drum Grab with Rubber Belt
Feature£ºDG1200D series drum grabber forklift attachments allow you to handle basically any rimmed drum with your forklift. Move and stack drums simply and quickly with this fork mounted drum handler.   Read more >>

Name£ºDG1200C Single Gator Grip Heavy Duty Forklift Mounted Drum Grab with Rubber Belt
Feature£º• Rimmed steel, fiber or plastic drum • Up to 1,500 lbs. per drum • Require drum height of 24" or taller. Use these 55-gallon drum grabber forklift attachments for 30 or 85 gallon drums. • Any diameter drum • Straight walled or damaged drum   Read more >>

Name£ºDG1200A Single Gator Grip Heavy Duty Forklift Mounted Drum Grab with Hard Plasti
Feature£ºIdeal for applications handling up to 1000 drums per month Automatic and mechanical operation- no hydraulic or electrical connections   Read more >>

Name£ºDG1200 Double Rollers Gator Grip Heavy Duty Forklift Mounted Drum Grab
Feature£ºStrong gripping mechanism reduces dangerous and costly spillages and drum damage. Hard steel gripping head for a long service life with low maintenance and operating costs. Ample sized fork pockets to suit most fork trucks, no need to risk back strain through manual handling   Read more >>
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