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Name£ºYL520A-1 Semi-Electric Hydraulic Drum Dumper with Scale
Feature£ºThe multifunctional unit has a hand pump that lifts drums from ground level to a raised height of 1500mm (61"), bottom of drum in horizontal position. A gear mechanism will provide a controlled rotation for the drum. A floor lock is standard to stabilize the unit in a fixed posit¡­  Read more >>

Name£ºYL520A Semi-Electric Hydraulic Drum Dumper
Feature£º- High quality hydraulic power unit and maintenance-free battery; - Special rolling technology of C-type frame is with strong security; - Combined Eagle-grip and Anchor ear structure, suitable for electric rotation of steel drums and plastic drums;   Read more >>

Name£ºYL520 Semi-Electric Hydraulic Drum Dumper
Feature£ºHigh quality hydraulic power unit and maintenance-free battery; Special rolling technology of C-type frame is with strong security;   Read more >>

Name£ºYL520-1 Semi-Electric Hydraulic Drum Dumper with Scale
Feature£ºLifting, carry, turnover, dumping, easily and safety operate.  Read more >>

Name£ºCBS0.35 Hand Drum Truck with Scale
Feature£ºUse for moving, loading and tilting liquid such as dyes, paint, adhesive, oil in chemical industry, food workshop.  Read more >>

Name£ºCOD0.5P Semi-electric Automatic Drum Tilter
Feature£º1.Electric-hydraulic Drum Stacker 2.Detali specification 3.Suitable for handling , stacking drums, turning over and dumping materials 4.Hand push and pull,electric lifting ,option for electric or hand turning over 5¡¢Easy to operate,reduces effort highly effective 6¡¢Impo¡­  Read more >>

Name£ºCOD0.35B  Semi-Electric Hydraulic Drum Dumper
Feature£º1.Specially designed for lifting, rotating or stacking drums 2.No need for the operator to touch the drum to raise, transport and rotate 3.Can be operated with hand pump and electric power for lifting 4.Can be designed with all electric operation including lifting, rotating an¡­  Read more >>
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