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Name£ºYL650A Full Electric Hydraulic Drum Dumper
Feature£ºIt is suitable for the handling, lifting and loading of 55 gallon steel oil drum. It adopts the special walking control system of imported electric vehicle, which is stable, light and flexible, and can be operated by one person.  Read more >>

Name£ºYL420A Full Electric Hydraulic Drum Dumper
Feature£ºWith manned pedal and can be operated by one people, labor saving and high work efficiency; With step-less speed regulator, high-power reversing switch, integrated hydraulic pump stations, power walking driving wheel;   Read more >>

Name£ºYL600A Full Electric Hydraulic Drum Dumper
Feature£ºThe matched intelligent charger provides a more safe and convenient usage, needn¡¯t the special inspection during whole charging process.  Read more >>

Name£ºEC0.5 Electric Counter Balance Drum Tilter
Feature£ºEC0.5 Electric Counter Balance Drum Tilter 

Name£ºEQ0.5 Full Electric Drum Tilter
Feature£º1.Provide I¡¢II Area explosion proof refit 2.Drum can tilt 360 degree (forward/backward)to pour materials out with power. 3. high performance imported hydraulic pump 4. high quality automatic and intelligate quick handle 5.optional part:large capacity power traction battery 6¡­  Read more >>
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