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Name£ºDL360 Drum Lifter
Feature£ºThe drum lifter must lock the three points of the drum to avoid the drum inclining and has a symmetrical pressure. It can be used on Steel and Plastic Mauser drums.   Read more >>

Name£ºDN500A Drum Lifter
Feature£ºMaterial: Forged Alloy Steel Chain . Construction: Heat treatment and high temperature treatment (Quenched and Tempered)¡ºUsage¡» Designed for lifting various sizes oil drums and steel drums.   Read more >>

Name£ºDM500A/B  Drum Lifter
Feature£ºAll-stell construction :DM500A with two overhead hoist, DM500B with strengthen device;Works easily with overhead hoist or hook from forklift.Easy and safely moves the drum.   Read more >>

Name£ºDM500 Drum Lifter
Feature£ºFor lifting 210 liter drums with overhead hoist ,all steel construction .Manual tong Model DM500 suitable for open top er tight head steel drum ,and plastic drums with L or XL ring;To operate set locking lever in locked open position ;   Read more >>

Name£ºDL500B Drum Lifter
Feature£ºWorks easily with overhead hoist or hook from forklift; With three-point drum contacting with stabilizing arm which can greatly reduce damage to the drums and automatically engages the drum rim when lowered.   Read more >>

Name£ºDL500A Drum Lifter
Feature£ºProfessional tool for lifting, moving and stowing 30 & 55 gallon steel or polyethylene drums; Works easily with overhead hoist or hook from forklift;   Read more >>

Name£ºDL500 Drum Lifter
Feature£º.The Chain Sling has various applications for lifting of large or small steel drums, with or without lids. It can be used in the up-right lifting position (Lidded) or side angle lifting (as shown). It is used in conjunction with an overhead crane or fork truck fitted with a Tyne ¡­  Read more >>

Name£ºDL350 Drum Lifter
Feature£ºThis drum lifter can be used on 30/55 gallons Steel or Plastic 200ltr drums. It is to be used in conjunction with an overhead crane or fork truck fitted with a Tyne Hook or Jib Attachment. Easily moves and handles open or closed head, loaded steel drums. Allows quick, gentle load¡­  Read more >>
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