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The specification of oil drum lifter
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Oil lifter have developed into many styles. There are five common types in China.

The first is a completely hand-held oil drum lifter.

The second is a manual oil drum carrier with hydraulic power as the lifting power (also known as manual drum lifter, oil drum carrier, which is actually a kind of equipment);

The third is a manual tilting oil drum carrier with motor as overturning power and hydraulic power lifting, also known as manual oil drum lifting carrier.

The fourth is a manual tilting oil bucket lifter,motor as the turning power and electric control + hydraulic pressure as the lifting power, also known as plate electric oil bucket lifting truck; The fifth is a fully automatic oil carrier with the electric lifting and electric walking.

This oil lifter is refitted from a fork into a fixture by a fully electric stacker.

The former is a small oil lfiter, and the rated load of the first three types is less than 300kg.

The latter are relatively large oil drum handling and stacking integrated vehicles.

In the future, the development mode of oil lifter will be all electric oil carrier with electric turnover, electric lifting and electric walking.

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