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How should the oil drum lifter be maintained£¿
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1.Many oil drum lifter adopt hydraulic system, so the oil must be filtered and cleaned, and the oil quantity shall be checked 

regularly to ensure sufficient oil quantity.

2.Before and after use, it is necessary to check the condition of the oil drum lifter and the integrity of the main components.

3.The oil drums shall be evenly distributed on the fork and shall not be overloaded.

4.After the whole handling operation, the oil drum shall be unloaded, and it is not allowed to press the oil drum on the fork 

plate for a long time.

5.When the oil drum is descending, the handle of the oil return valve shall be slow and light to prevent sudden descent in 

case of too fast descent, resulting in unsafe phenomenon.

6.When the oil drum drops rapidly, the oil valve cannot be closed suddenly, because inertial acceleration will be generated

 during rapid descent. If the oil return valve is closed suddenly, strong force will be generated and the parts and goods will

 be damaged.

7.After use, the main bearing parts and moving parts of the oil lifter shall be injected with lubricating oil to avoid rust.

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