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Name:NPG Hot-Galvanized Hand Pallet Truck
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 10 Counter Balanced Forklift

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NPG Hot-Galvanized Hand Pallet Truck

Galvanized, Zinc and Chrome Plated

Designed for corrosive or wet environments these full featured pallet trucks were designed for chemical, pharmaceutical and wash down.

Stainless Steel and Stainless Steel Frame & Forks
Ideal for sanitary, pharmaceutical, medical, food and wet environments. Choose either 304 stainless steel pallet truck for long life in even the most harsh environments.

These pallet trucks are available made with different types of finishes, For American markets, standard specifications is all with a 5,500 pound capacity and a service range of 2 7/8" to 7 3/4".

Forks are 27" wide x 48" long.

Model NPG20 NPG25
Capacity Q kg 2000 2000
Min. fork height h mm 85 75
Max. fork height h1 mm 200 190
Steering wheel mm Φ200x50 Φ180x50
Load roller Single mm Φ82x93 Φ74x93
Load roller Tandem mm Φ82x70 Φ74x70
Size of fork mm 160x60
Width overall forks B mm 520/540/685
Fork length I mm 1100/1150/1220
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